Trump lashes out to CNN reporter: “You are a rude, terrible person”

Attacks on the press get brutal a day after losing the House, fearing new probes

November 7, 2018


Trump reaction this morning –same day he fired Attorney General, Jeff Sessions- reminds us, that the Russian investigation is still, one of the grave issues that pull his triggers. And now, he has a House of Representatives that could dig further into the case.

The ruthless attack of President Donald Trump to CNN’s Jim Acosta during a press conference in the White House this morning, shows that he really believes that the press is “the enemy of the people,” but also, that the subject of the alleged Russia intrusion on the 2016 presidential election, makes him really nervous.

Trump told Acosta that he’s a “rude, terrible person.” Acosta had asked the president about a racist, anti-immigration ad his re-election campaign had paid for during the midterm elections, but also, if he is at all concerned about the Russian investigation and of a possible indictment. “That’s a hoax, that’s enough, put down the mic,” Trump responded.

The reporter refused to sit down after the president commanded him to do so, while a White House aide unsuccessfully tried to grab the microphone from him, which made the president even more irate.

“I’ll tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them,” Trump at one point reprimanded Acosta. “You are a rude, terrible person."

“In Jim’s defense, I’ve traveled with him, he’s a hard-working, diligent reporter,” responded NBC’s Peter Alexander, the next reporter chosen to ask a question.

Trump also accused CNN of “voter suppression,” without clarifying how the network’s election polling, could have led to voter suppression. 

Acosta was not the only reporter attacked during the press conference. PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor was also scolded for asking the president whether his decision to proclaim himself as “a nationalist” may have revived white nationalists. “I don’t know why you’d say that, such a racist question,” Trump responded. “What you said, is so insulting to me,” he added.

CNN issued the following statement:
“This President’s ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far,” the statement read. “They are not only dangerous, they are disturbingly un-American.”
The statement continued: “While President Trump has made it clear he does not respect a free press, he has a sworn obligation to protect it. A free press is vital to democracy, and we stand behind Jim Acosta and his fellow journalists everywhere.”